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I haven’t forgotten that this is more a photo blog than anything else, so here are a few pictures from life in the last week. Pretty ordinary stuff. 🙂 Can I also just say that I cannot believe we are already at the end of January? Wow.

Anyways, the pictures:

kids in snow
From a snow day about 2 weeks ago
trader joe stickers
I love that the Trader Joe’s employees offer stickers to the kids when we’re at the checkout line. The Kid is usually pretty good about sticking them on himself (coat, pants, shoes….he doesn’t limit himself). On this particular afternoon, he decided to stick them to the window. Oops. (Luckily, they were easy to peel off. Whew.)
dog resting with kids in background
This is Giada having a quiet moment. I have no idea how this happened as the kids are usually bouncing on her when she’s resting like this out in the open. (Take cover, Giada!!!!!!)
One of those nice moments that doesn't last too long in our household :P
One of those nice moments that doesn’t last too long in our household 😛
Kid drinking from carton
We are totally classy around here.

Toddler with camera
On Saturday, a FedEx package arrived at our door around lunchtime. I brought it inside, left it by the door and went back to the table to eat with the family. “Do you know what that is?” my husband asked. “My Speedlite [flash],” I responded. He looked confused, so I explained that I had to send it into Canon to get it repaired because it was dropped. I left it at that since he seemed satisfied with the answer. As the reader, you’re assuming that the kids dropped the flash, eh? Ha ha, if you knew it was me that did it you’d be right though (I’m not sure my husband ever caught on, lol). I’ve been playing with it again now that it’s back, which brings me to this picture. I love that the Speedlite helped light this picture, but more than anything, I love this moment. He’s technically not allowed to pick up my camera to play with it at his own leisure (which is what happened here), but he was looking all cute and stuff….so how could I be mad? (Plus, he was pretty careful with it – no one is more surprised about this than I am.) And here’s one of his masterpieces:

Yes, that's totally our ceiling.
Yes, that’s totally our ceiling.


Thanks for reading. 🙂

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