Happy Thanksgiving!

roses in winter

I wasn’t going to post today, but everyone in my house is napping (pre-feast…our family does Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve been trying to switch them over to lunch but my campaigning in the last few years has not been successful) and since I’m off hosting duties this year, I didn’t know what to do with myself so I woke up Giada and went on a walk. I also toted the rented 85 mm with me since this is the last full day I have it before I ship it back to BorrowLenses tomorrow. Story short, the walk was one of two good choices I made today.*

[By the way, I’m stunned that there are roses -pictured above – still hanging out in this cold weather. I love it.]

A few things I caught with the 85:

cars parked on suburban street
The abundance of parked cars on my usually-quiet street today….I loved it.
Thanksgiving afternoon walk with my saint bernard Giada
Giada being pretty cooperative with her modeling today.

(It may have helped that The Kid wasn’t with us…and the fact that she LOVES this weather.)

drooling saint bernard
“I’m thinking about leftovers….you are bringing me some back home, right?”

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving wherever you are!!!!

*The other good decision was going with my husband to his office, so that he could grab something he had forgotten to take home with him yesterday. The Kid came with and ran around the office – it was pretty cute. Afterwards, we went to a Vietnamese banh mi shop to grab lunch.

I let him climb the chairs and stare out the window for a bit while waiting for our food.
Waiting for food


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