Happy Friday!

This is my Daily Design – Week 7 post, and while I did design this week, I’m not ready to share most of the work I did this week. I will share two from the week though.

We’ve been sick around here in the last week (we’re all feeling almost back-to-normal at this point, so yay!). Sleep and NyQuil have been my friend. I’m pretty sure NyQuil is the reason for the former…

Created 2/12/18.

And this really isn’t a design, but I opened up Photoshop for this one, so I’ll count it. 🙂 Yesterday morning at breakfast, I was intrigued at Giada placing herself between The Kid and The Girl.

Created 2/15/18.

Don’t worry – The Girl threw food at her, as always. So Giada definitely did not leave the table hungry. These days, she never leaves the table hungry because The Girl is just that reliable. (We’re working on that!)

That’s all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. 🙂

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