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Happy and Thankful

It took me a while to figure it out, but in the last couple of years I’ve come up with an equation to my happiness.* Here it is:

Family (with Giada at the top of the list, of course) + friends + good food + little adventures here and there + doing creative work = a honky dory life

(I am making this sound like a walk in the park, but it really did take a long time to get here. Helpful hint: surround yourself with positive and supportive people.) Near the start of the year, my husband and I welcomed a new roommate into the family. To say that my heart has been bursting with love would be an understatement. But I will say this: I’ve never felt more thankful for family (and I repeat: Giada remains at the top of the list) than I do this year.

travel and family photo book, visiting San Francisco

baby photo book page spread

A few page spreads from my son’s Year One photo book (which has been a labor of love and currently a work in progress)…and wow, I cannot believe his first year is coming to a close.

On that note, I’m very much looking forward to the dinner spread tomorrow. Yum.

Before I sign off, I want to wish you a Happy Almost Turkey Day! I hope you have a wonderful, fantastic and awesome Thanksgiving. 🙂

*Doesn’t work for everyone since we all have different formulas for our own happiness. What’s yours?

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