Cinemagraph/Stop Motion

Hanging out at home [cinemagraphs]

First off, I need my coffee:

cinemagraph mom getting coffee


cinemagraph of mom holding leash and stroller
“Time to take picture!” The Kid will yell before climbing out of the stroller (as I yell at him to get back in).

cinemagraph of cooking and watching RHOC
I don’t know what has been happening in the last few seasons of RHOC, but I do love rewatching the earlier seasons on Hulu. (Also: I kinda miss Lynne Curtin.)

mom cinemagraph
The Girl is getting so active, and it’s definitely hard to get her to sit still during her waking hours. But with the power of cinemagraphs, it looks like getting her to stay in one place is possible. 😉

cinemagraph of kid napping
The Girl trying to wake up her brother. (He opened his eyes for a second before going back to sleep.)

cinemagraph of woman with dog
Hanging with my G.

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