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Gone Goldfishin’


Still playing with my – or rather my son’s – food over here.






With the following picture, I wanted to try to get a picture of a Goldfish sushi roll. But one problem: I don’t actually know how to roll a maki roll and didn’t have any sushi rice made to make the attempt. I did, however, find a box of Twinkies in the kitchen and sliced them in four pieces. I stuffed the crackers into the white filling, but it just didn’t turn out. (I will probably try shooting a Twinkie sushi concept in the future when I’m hit with a better idea on how to execute it.) Luckily, I have a 2-year-old with more toys than (I think is) necessary, which includes a Melissa and Doug sushi box.

Goldfish cracker in Melissa and Doug sushi toy set
I’d eat it! LOL.

Since I’m all about food photography at the moment, I have been looking up food photographers to get inspired. A few things I’ve stumbled upon:

  • I was reading the latest issue of Bon Appetit and realized that most of the photos are taken by the same guy. Alex Lau might have the best job ever.
  • While flipping through a past issue of PDN, I noticed photographer Nick Fancher’s photo from his work with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. This popped out because 1) the colors were pretty bold and 2) I recognized Nick’s name as I own a copy of his  book Studio Anywhere. I didn’t realize he had another book out, so I went to Amazon to order it. (Still reading it, but I think I might like it better than the first one.)
  • Speaking of PDN, looking through its 2016 Food Photography Awards gallery makes me hungry.

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