Golden Hour with Paige (an attempt anyway…)

Chicago photography by Diana Nguyen

I have worked with Paige a couple of times, so it was nice to get together with her again one evening a few weeks ago. After shooting Yasia, I was a little obsessed trying to capture that golden hour light. Unfortunately, the evening I met with Paige the clouds kept teasing us with that beautiful light.

One minute, the golden hour sun would come out….

golden hour photography by diana nguyen

And then, it’d disappear. (Wah.)

Chicago photography by Diana Nguyen

So we worked around it and decided to stick over by the pier for a little bit.

Chicago photography by Diana Nguyen


Chicago photography by Diana Nguyen

While we were standing in the tall grass, the sun suddenly came out.

Chicago model paige photographed by Diana Nguyen

So that was nice.

Chicago model photographed by Diana Nguyen

All in all, a wonderful night to go shooting.

Chicago photography Diana Nguyen

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