Find Your Extraordinary [vlog book review]

I know that I want to vlog more, but seeing that my life is Suburban Central (aka not interesting to anyone) I’m thinking that I need to focus on two things: 1) Giada (because she has mass market appeal, ha ha) and 2) photo books (because I really do want people to print their pictures). Regarding the former, G and I go on daily walks but just seeing us walk might get old after awhile. But our walks are consistent and gives me a chance to ramble about whatever. But I want “whatever” to be something of substance…just wasn’t sure what that would entail. One night – after finishing a book and adding it to the stack on my nightstand – I had an idea to do a short book review during these walks. I read mostly nonfiction business/leadership/motivation books because I’m perpetually looking for a mentor and to be inspired. Books of these nature do that for me. (As I’m typing this, I’m looking over at my bookshelf and can count on two hands how many of them are works of fiction. My Kindle tells another story…because you know, Harry Potter.) I thought it’d be easiest to review the book I had just finished. Of course, I forgot the name of the book while we were walking (my kids have sucked the life out of my memory bank). Yikes. Anyway, it’s called Find Your Extraordinary and is written by Stella & Dot founder/CEO Jessica DiLullo Herrin.

My thoughts:

My favorite quote from the book: Don’t let the naysayers sit in your front row.


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