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February Wrap Up

Happy March 1st!

I feel funny putting together a monthly portfolio when I haven’t yet shared the snow pictures of Mara or the Uptown shots I got of Karoline from this past weekend. But both are coming.

Click cover image to see the inside pages on ISSUU

To recap, February has been a great month, and I feel myself getting more and more confident each time I meet someone to do portraits (planning what you want to shoot helps!).  I also realized it’s okay to be pushed out of my comfort zone, which definitely happened with a couple of these shoots. The first time was Brent, and it was only because he was male – more specifically, a male I didn’t know. But he was so nice and really open to everything that I’m happy to meet up with him again (we have yet to set a date though!). But truth be told, I’d be happy and comfortable enough to shoot any non-creepy male at this point. (LOL, yes I had to provide a condition there.) The other time was when I met Mara at her apartment. Meeting Mara at her apartment wasn’t the issue (well, not for me. My husband was a little weirded out by it. Long story short, he was put at ease when I discovered that they went to high school together. HOW SMALL IS THIS WORLD????). It was the fact that we were creating a studio at her place to bring our concepts to life – it had been awhile since I had been in a studio so I was worried. And just to be clear, I’m not really a studio photographer. Like at all. (I would like to change this.) But it all got figured out and I have to say that after we were done, I felt so creativity fulfilled (I’m sorry for how cheesey that sounds). Mara even asked me if I enjoyed doing studio photography, and I didn’t have to lie. I loved it. But more than that I freakin’ love photographing people – indoors, outdoors, lifestyle, whatever….I seriously wonder why/how I didn’t do this sooner. 🙂

On that note, I’m hoping to understand lighting better and am reading this book that my friend Elina recommended. Just a disclaimer that March might be a little bit quieter as my mom is in town (so trying to do the “family time” thing before she leaves). I also realized that as I’m taking more photos of people, I don’t pick up the camera as much at home. Giada is a little upset about that. 😉 So I need to capture a few personal memories. You may see more pictures of G as a result. (Lucky you, ha ha.)

Giada the Saint Bernard in snow
“Hi everyone.”

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