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Hi hi!

Happy Saturday! I missed blogging this week as we are all pretty worn out around here. We had a couple of weeks where The Little One was sleeping through the night.


But then a switch must have gone off in her little head this week because she suddenly wants to wake up every hour.


So yeah, we’re tired around here. I’m still taking 1,000,001 pictures but they’ve been sitting on my camera except for the ones I manage to upload to my 365 Project page each day (because I’m keeping this New Year’s Resolution, darn it). Here are a few pictures from the week:


I didn’t realize until mid-week that I was uploading pictures that didn’t show anyone’s face. There’s no reason or symbolism behind that – there are several pictures on my memory card with faces – but I must have subconsciously made that decision earlier in the week and then just kept up with it as the week progressed. I’m trying to decide if I want to keep with this theme.

And did you know? Watching Papa make PB & J sandwich requires focus.
This is us.

And my favorite of the week:

big brother toddler with baby sister

No one has been more surprised about The Kid taking to his baby sister than me. I kept hearing from my mom about how I was horrible to my brother when he was born. (Apparently, I pushed him out of his crib.) So I’m always delighted when I see The Kid show an interest in his sister. A lot of my friends have said that seems to be the case while I hear from older people (with adult children) that the jealous streak will eventually come out when The Kid realizes the baby isn’t going anywhere. I hope the latter isn’t the case. Just in case it is, I’ll keep clicking away to preserve these sweet moments. 🙂

One more faceless photo . Taken during this morning's grocery shopping trip
One more faceless photo . Taken during this morning’s grocery shopping trip

Have a great weekend!

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