Easter Sunday in black & white

I had this post written out two weeks ago, but never got around to editing the photos. Better late than never, right? (The things we tell ourselves….)

I’ll admit that the title is misleading since 1) we didn’t go to church and 2) we didn’t do an Easter egg hunt. Well, technically the kids did one at their daycare the week before, and my neighbor had one in her backyard while the kids were napping – she would have waited (since it’s something we’ve been doing for the last few years) but I told her to go ahead and not to feel guilty about it, especially since it was kinda cold out this year. When I say “kinda” I mean, it was cold. (We are having a chilly April in Chicago this year…) Anyway, the following is a photo diary of our Easter Sunday.

Let’s begin.

I usually make waffles without fail on Sundays, but in the last month or two, I’ve throwing Eggo waffles into the grocery cart. It’s easy. It’s convenient, and the kids love them. (I suspect it’ll only be a few years until I hear “Leggo my eggo.”) My husband hates them. I purposely didn’t buy any this week, so I forced myself to take this Sunday to make them. (I use In Jennie’s Kitchen’s recipe. The only revision to her recipe that I make is that I don’t add sugar, but I’ll add in a ripe banana or two.) The Kid swooped in to help.
Making waffles
While the waffles were cooking away in the irons (yeah, we have two – well, one is a Mickey Mouse one which was a gift from Jessica. I think she gifted it to me, but she probably had a little hunch that the kids were going to be all over it…and they are), The Girl raced to her cabinet to grab a plate (food is her priority). The Kid came to help her too. I don’t know if she appreciated the help, ha ha.


After breakfast, the kids played. I called Barnes & Noble to see if they were open because hey, I like books. (Plus, I was antsy to get a new cookbook.) The Kid loves this place because of the escalator and the train track set in the kids’ area.

train set at Barnes and Noble

The Girl seemed to like it too. The Kid, however, had a bit of a meltdown as we left, so we told him we weren’t having sushi for lunch like he wanted. “I WANT SUUUUUUUUUUSHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” he screamed the whole way back until went through a Portillo’s drive thru. That calmed him down (and made The Hubs and I all calm and happy inside because ahem, who doesn’t love Portillo’s?). I made the mistaken of giving each kid a fry as we left the drive-thru with a “Just one fry!” disclaimer. The Kid accepted this. His sister kept asking for more and then it was her turn to cry. Oops. Mama Fail. After a million years of listening to her wail, we arrived home. Everyone sat down and happily stuffed their faces with fries ate.

eating portillo fries



After lunch, The Girl played by the window in the kitchen.
The Hubs and The Kid read together before everyone went down for a nap.
I think I put my camera down for the rest of the day, but nothing out of the ordinary happened except that my neighbor came over to drop off Easter baskets for the kids. SO NICE! [And I don’t have a picture of that, wah!] I’m sad to say that I didn’t think to get her kids a basket in return. I’ll have to figure out a way to thank her later…

Anway, hope everyone had a great Easter.

This last picture wasn’t taken on Easter, but hey, it fits with the rest of the group so I’ll include it along in this post. 🙂

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