Dinner in Half Moon Bay

Here’s a video with a continuation of our time in San Francisco. After dinner (which I didn’t include in this video), we went to a pumpkin patch nearby to entertain The Kid. (The Girl – who was 10 months old at this point – couldn’t have cared less as long as someone was holding her. Infants are such divas, ha ha.) Anyway, it was a cool time. The pumpkin patch (well, all pumpkin patches really) made for a great backdrop…and we were there during golden hour, so I snapped what I could while chasing the hyperactive 2-year-old.

pumpkin patch Half Moon Bay, California


pumpkin patch Half Moon Bay, California
The Kid is on the left with a new friend he made while running around. It always amazes me at how quickly kids befriend one another.
pumpkin patch Half Moon Bay, California
Pumpkin picking (or pretending to per my instructions, ha ha).

Before we left, my sister-in-law suggested taking a picture by the big pumpkin. We waited as there was a family ahead of us. When they were done, I asked the wife if she would take our picture. “Oh, I don’t know how to use those things. My husband is better!” I handed my camera to her husband, and he clicked away. We said our thanks and headed to the car. When I flipped through the pictures, I found this and about 10 similar shots:

when you ask a stranger to take your picture

HA HA HA HA HA. Blurry fabulousity from The Photographer Extraordinaire!

This is 100% my fault. I should have set up the camera before handing it over to him. Lesson learned! In the meantime, I’ll keep laughing every time I see this and will continue to debate if I should include it in this year’s family photo album.

Happy Friday!

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