Daily Design – Week 8

Hi hi,

I think I’m able to post my daily designs every day this week. So I woke up on Monday morning and put some finishing touches on a project I was doing in After Effects (an Adobe program that does video motion graphics and visual effects) when it decided to crash on me twice. And when it was up and running, it was incredibly buggy. Very sad. So this was my rant:


On Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling like a bottle of nerves. So this is something of a little pep talk to myself:
breath and just relax

2/21/18 – Just a little nod to Hump Day.

The Crown
2/22/18 – I’m very much into The Crown on Netflix these days. If you’re a royal follower (guilty), this is definitely the show for you. I’m going to miss Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth) and Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret) when Season 3 rolls around.

2/23/18 – I’m excited to watch the Olympics’ Closing Ceremony on Sunday. This Olympics has inspired to make my two kids the next Shib Sibs…except that The Girl will be the ones to do the lifts because she’s really, really savage. LOL. (I’m not sure if The Kid is a willing participant in all of this.)

She's a tough one, that one....
She’s a tough one, that one….

Have a great weekend!

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