Daily Design – Week 6

Another snow day around here. In case you can use another picture of Giada in her element, here you go:

Giada the saint bernard in snow


In addition to the snow day in the Chicago area today, it’s a sick day around here. Ew. The Kid, unfortunately, has been sick all week and spread the love to the rest of us. On Wednesday morning, he sat on our couch downstairs looking out into our yard. It seemed like a nice moment to pull out the camera, so I did. As soon as he heard the first click, he turned to me and said, “I don’t like that right now, Mama.” So the camera went down. But in case you think that was an isolated moment, I will admit that it is not. I respect all my subjects. Ron Galella I am not. 🙂

Things the Mammarazzi hears

Aside from that little piece of work, I used the rest of the week to work on this alphabet book of select world languages. I picked English, Vietnamese (check out my last name) and Russian (check out my married name, he he) for obvious reasons. There really was no rhyme or rhythm for the others.

And that is all for now. I’m going to drag myself off the computer and to bed. Hope everyone is staying warm – and healthy!

Happy Friday,

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