Daily Design – Week 3

So how is everyone doing with their New Year’s Resolution(s)? My overall progress isn’t too bad. I’m sleeping 7 hour nights (give or take); learning a Vietnamese word a day (give or take) and still sticking with designing something daily (Monday through Friday). Here are this week’s designs:

pho menu
1/15/18 – Front and back of a fictional pho restaurant. I realized that this couldn’t be a real name of a restaurant because it’s such a mouthful to say! (Although I bet there really is an UnforgetPHObowl somewhere out there.)

Hawaiian Bread Haiku
1/16/18 – We eat a lot of Hawaiian bread around here. And this is my first haiku. (Probably my last.) The following picture does a better story telling of Hawaiian bread’s role in our home:

1/17/18 – One side of a menu belonging to an imagined Chinese restaurant. I plan on getting to the other side of the menu next week.

1/18/18 – A page spread of the 6 places I like to order out from on a regular basis in the northwest suburbs.

simple dinner menu design1/19/18 – Now you know what the family & I will be eating next week, lol.

Happy Friday. Hope you have a great weekend!

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