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Daily Design – Week 20

Hi there!

I will be traveling this week, so I’m not sure how much design I’ll get to do but I’ll do what I can!

So I had a nice relaxing weekend where we had friends over for dinner on Saturday (I feel like I say that a lot). And Sunday was Mother’s Day, so my husband was nice about letting me relax and he picked up a lot of the parent duties. I thought I would get to work on the 2017 photobook a bit, but I decided to doodle and play with my kids’ watercolors while they were napping on both days with “New Girl” playing in the background. (My coworker keeps talking about that show, so I finally had a chance to sit down and watch it. I’m addicted. And I love you, Zooey Deschanel if you’re reading this. Ha!) But no, the photo book didn’t get touched until today…and I think we can say that February is done.

A couple of page spreads:

Onward to March!

Okay, so March will have to be put on hold for now. At the start of the year, I started waking up early to do design work. These days, I find myself waking up to make coffee, letting the buzz kick in and then take Giada for a walk before getting ready for work. So although I am designing everyday at work – and these days, doodling away in my sketchbook – I have to find some energy and time to do personal work. And I do it because I feel like it helps keep the creative juices flowing. When it rains, it pours. 🙂

Anyway, this is a photo from 2017. Did the Photoshop stop motion effect this evening.
Man, I could go for Portillo’s cheese fries right now….

I always feel like these menus are a cop out in getting out of this daily design incentive because I do them anyway (seriously, if I don’t plan our dinners, we would probably stand in the kitchen all confused until bedtime – we’re an indecisive bunch). But since this week is a travel week, I had to get on it to help keep us on track & organized (i.e. I’ll know what to get at the grocery store when I come back this weekend). By the way, I always seem to gravitate toward the one Nigella Lawson cookbook I own when I’m looking for ideas. Her recipes are diverse – I like that!

I’m sorry to say that these were long work days, so I didn’t get to design. Since we’re on the subject of work, let me gloat as I share the first two football uniforms I’ve ever designed (and hopefully not the last!):


On that note, I will be taking this week off from this Daily Design (Self Imposed) Challenge to regroup. But I’ll be back at it next week!

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