Daily Design – Week 2

Whoa – we’re at the end of the second week of January 2018. (Methinks 2018 will fly quickly.) So in regards to this point, it’s too early to tell if I’ll keep up with designing one thing a day (I’m very much committed though), but here are my daily* designs from the week:

Happy Monday gif

Carnival menu designed by Diana Nguyen
1/9/18 – Okay, I know we’re in the dead of winter (although it was 57 degrees at one point this week – that’s practically spring to Chicagoans this time of year! – but I was thinking about funnel cakes….which led me to this menu, which I’ll call my little wish list. (I could go for a corn dog – followed up with a deep fried Oreo – right now.)

Mi Restaurante Menu Design
1/10/18 – Mi Restaurante is a Mexican restaurant where the food is muy delicioso. The current menu does the job, but for this little project of mine, I decided to play around with it. I’m sure they would not be too appreciative of me making their menu “hipster” – as my brother would say – but hopefully, they can see that I did this out of pure amor. And FYI – this is only one page of their menu. There are also burritos, tortas, gorditas, sopes, quesadillas (more than what’s listed in the appetizer section here), breakfast and more. I’m telling you, I’m mucho lucky to have this place near us.

chocolate chip cookie recipe from Savory Sweet Life
1/11/18 – I love this chocolate chip cookie recipe from Savory Sweet Life.

dinner menu
1/12/18 – This isn’t the first Dinner menu I’ve printed around here – it’s been a thing I’ve done for awhile now as it helps with grocery shopping and meal planning. Otherwise, I’d be standing and looking into the fridge for 30 minutes before figuring out what to cook…or succumbing to the powers of Chinese takeout. (Not a bad way to go either!) And yes, that’s my almost-three-year-old son smashing some food into his mouth on the bottom right-hand corner..

I know the internet likes consistency, so I’ve been trying to figure out a theme to stick with. At this rate, I may be going in the direction of food, but I’ll throw in random thoughts here and there (i.e. often). 🙂

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

*I should clarify that “daily” means Monday through Friday in this case. I didn’t want to add more pressure and set myself up for failure by throwing in the weekends.

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