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Daily Design – Week 19

Hi hi, Happy New Week. I didn’t get into the photo books at all over the weekend because I was just really, really out of it during any downtime I had. I finally got my mojo back on Sunday afternoon during the kids’ naptime when I found “All or Nothing” on Amazon Prime and managed to watch a couple of episodes. TV – sometimes it’s good for the head. 🙂 Anyway….

As I edited away on pictures, I realized that a lot of my phone pictures are backed up on Amazon Prime. I logged on and found about 5 pictures I wanted to use – all of which include my friends’ kids (so probably best if I don’t share the pictures here). Going through Lightroom, however, it’s funny to see that period where I was playing with light. Examples:
I didn’t get to do page layouts today….

Got around to a few page layouts (while watching “All or Nothing” – I’m addicted). There are a lot of pictures this month. I can’t say that too many of them are strong as stand alone photos. But I still want to keep most of them, so I pulled together quite a few photo collages within the page layouts.
I might be done with February this week! (Maybe.)

I was very much out of it on this day, so I can’t say that I did any design. Although I did plan out my meal for the week.

Today was a busy day, so I didn’t get to design (well, I did at work but nothing personal). After work, I went to pick up dinner as we had guests over.

The restaurant gave us TONS of soy sauce (I admit that we are partial to the green label though….)

Well well well, I can’t say that February pages will be done this week.


Maybe I’ll dabble in February this weekend? Maybe? 🙂

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