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Daily Design – Week 18

Alright, something a little different this week…

This blog started off as a place where I would focus on sharing how I design and layout photo books – I want to say this blog evolved since then, but really, I just haplessly went in different directions and just posted wherever my mood took me. I’m 100% going to continue to do that because this is still a fun little space for me to play around in without any restrictions. I think maybe that’s why people don’t post regularly – they feel like they have to stay “on brand” or “within a niche”. Oh, plus blogging does take a little more work than it appears. On a related note, I get the appeal with posting on a platform that is more quick and easy. (Ahem, Instagram….) If I had the energy to blog everyday though, I would (mainly because Seth Godin says it’s a good idea). But hey, I do what I can.

So enough about that. 🙂

Back on point: I haven’t finished my family photo album for 2017 yet…actually, it’s mostly empty (yikes). So I’m going to jump back on that and share my progress here until I have it finished and sent off to Blurb. My goal for this week is to have January completed and to start on February. Maybe if I tackle it this way, I could have this book done by the end of May. Maybe? 🙂 Let’s give this a try….

I have three pages in the January 2017 done. Woot woot.
2017 photobook progress
I did cull the photos I wanted to add into the photo book. I haven’t edited them yet, but I think I’ll do that tomorrow. It was fun going through pictures I had forgotten about – and texting them over to The Hubs. He loved them (something about pictures makes you forget about those exhausting days and sleepless night).

Did a quick edit on all the 55 photos I culled yesterday to put into the photo book, including this one:
No layouts today. But guess what the rest of the week is for. 🙂

A selection of page layouts:
photo book layout


And January is done. Yay! I’ll start looking at February 2017 photos tomorrow. Here’s the start:
title page for photo book

Going through and culling photos I want to use. I saved 565 photos from February 2017 and trying to narrow it down to a fraction of that. Kinda fun to see that time period where I’m pretty sure I was a sleep walking zombie. (So my advice to moms of newborns: Just pull out the camera and shoot. Revisit the shots in a year – you’ll totally appreciate them.) I had the foresight to type in notes back in February 2017 into the photobook Indesign file to insert pictures from certain events. I’m on a hunt for a couple of those pictures, which I may have taken with my phone. So my advice with the photo book thing – write down/type notes that will help you jog your memory. Other advice? Don’t wait 1.5 years to put the book together. 🙂 A few shots I pulled (no page layouts today):

On a walk during an unseasonably warm February day
On a walk during an unseasonably warm February day

“What the heck are on my hands??!!!”

She was so little! She was so little!

Edited a handful of pictures – I pulled 89 pictures from the digital pile. (That’s kind of a lot for a short month, isn’t it?) This was among the favorites:
I’ll take whatever I can get, lol.

I may continue dabbling in this book over the weekend. Maybe I can wrap it up early next week and get started on March then. Maybe?

Have a great weekend!

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