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Daily Design – Week 16

I went to the library on Sunday to grab one book. Ended up with 14. I’m thankful the library has baskets I could check out. Whew!

I should mention that the day before, The Girl grabbed my camera and let it hit the ground hard. The camera was acting all funny with a lot of the functions not working. I was pretty bummed knowing that it’d have to get sent in, but pulled out the battery, detached the lens and let it sit on the counter. The next morning, I didn’t have much hope but decided to turn the camera on. It worked! It’s a miracle. This was the first picture I took:
Barilla pasta
(And I kinda wanted pasta.)

And decided to go down Memory Lane with our visit to London back in 2013. This is an image of Greenwich Farmers Market:
Greenwich Market

On Thursday, I had a super fun/productive day at work, but man, I was so tired…and came home to chaos. The Girl, legit, wouldn’t stop crying for 30 minutes because she wanted to sit in her brother’s chair. It was insane. After I put her down for bed (with her cries still ringing in my head – parents know what I’m talking about), I decompressed in front of my computer but kept things simple by playing around with AfterEffects. AE is a program I hope to navigate my way around well one of these days:


Really, I just wanted to give The Girl a pizza of my mind. Hardy har har. #momjoke

I saw this book at the library last weekend and laughed out loud. It didn’t go home with me (I didn’t even pick it up), but how is anyone ever going to forget this title? (I am totally down with saving the world by throwing dinner parties though!)
Brunch is hell
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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One thought on “Daily Design – Week 16

  1. I like the format of this post (highlights and lowlights of each day) I may have to steal it for my blog 😉 (glad your camera is ok!)

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