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Daily Design – Week 15

Stop motion & food. That’s where my head has been lately. So let’s start with this (thrown together Monday morning):
silverware stop motion

Rise and Grind GIF
The funny thing about this is that I threw this together on Tuesday night before bedtime. I figured it’d be nice to look at the following morning. 😛 Also quite appropriate as this is a picture of my brother inhaling a cold brew in NYC – and Tuesday happened to be National Siblings Day. Ha!

Bangkok cookbook
Seriously, what a beautiful cookbook.

coffee mug gif
Morning at my desk. My coworker (who sits on the other side) was also in and probably heard all the clicking from the camera. He’s too nice to ask what the heck I was doing at my desk, lol.

I made a couple of stop motion attempts on Friday, but nothing stuck. So I’m sharing my home menu for the upcoming week. (Typing this as I listen to the Bon Appetit podcast. I’m kinda drooling at the moment.)

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