Daily Design – Week 14

Last weekend, I was filling out a form for the kids and noticed that one of the boxes asked for race/ethnicity. I wrote Asian/Caucasian on The Kid’s form and didn’t think much of it. I left the forms on the table – including the incomplete one for The Girl – and The Hubs walked past it later and glanced at it. “Oh wow, I didn’t realize the kids would have to write that when they start filling these forms out themselves.” I realized it was a little lengthy, so since I like abbreviated things I – very much on the spot – wrote down Cauc(asian) on The Girl’s form. I think I’m going with it from now on…and using it as my design inspiration for the week.

Ethnicity form Cauc(asian)
I created this form in Illustrator – and as I was writing out the words with my mouse, I realized that it might be time to get a new Wacom tablet. I have one from many moons ago, but the pen broke (blame one of the kids – I’m just not sure which one) and the company doesn’t make the model anymore, so time for an upgrade.



In case the Cauc(asian)s are looking for a bumper sticker. 😛


I spent my free time working on a client project and also on the Bon Appetit gif, which has been wanting to be done in the last few weeks (when the issue arrived in the mail).


And because I’m on a bit of a GIF kick, I just rolled with it.

And on a completely different note because 1) I am Cauc(asian)’d out (don’t tell my kids) and 2) it’s Friday:

Happy Friday gif

Have a great weekend!

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