Daily Design – Week 10

Still doing my daily designs, but since life is getting busier, I simplified the process so that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed and abandon this project. I figure this is a good thing for me to stick with as it 1) gets me going in the morning and 2) helps me to improve my design skills little by little. There’s a photography couple that go by Peden and Munk – basically, if you read Bon Appétit magazine, you’ve seen their work. (GOOD STUFF.) I listened to them on a podcast one time talking about how doing personal work is so important to them because it helps make them better photographers and sometimes the personal work gets added to their portfolio (and lands them a gig as a result). The whole “do your thing regularly so that you get better at it” is something I think about all the time, probably daily. (I may have to listen to that podcast again. I think it was this one.) So that’s my thought on designing daily. 🙂 This week, I decided to pick a project theme that would allow me to do something little each day. I decided to try my hand at creating Chicago graphic icons, so here’s my short list:


These were more time consuming that one would think! I may continue to add to this down the line because there are other important Chicago landmarks that I didn’t get to create (Navy Pier ferris wheel, The Lake, the lions at The Art Institute, Crown Towers at Millennium Park, the red flamingo sculpture….). We shall see.

I also made sure to do the family dinner menu for the upcoming week:

dinner menu

You have no idea how much this helps with grocery shopping and also getting kids fed in a timely manner. If there wasn’t a menu, I’m pretty sure The Hubs and I would stare at each other, repeatedly asking, “What should we eat? What should we eat? What should we eat?” I may put the menu on auto pilot for awhile (Wednesday is pizza night, Thursday is stir fry night, Friday is for rice noodles, etc) until we get more comfortable with our new routine….or until everyone gets bored and needs something new to eat. (Although based on how much everyone ate last night, I think Stir Fry Thursday is here to stay. Always good because it’s good, quick & easy! WIN.)

Alright, time to get ready for the day.

fit bit

P.S. I got a Fitbit. I’m one of those people now. Also: I have no idea how I’m going to get 8000 steps in a day.

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