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Daily Design – Week 1

I thought I’d start using Fridays to share a few things I designed during the week. (We’ll see how this goes!) This week, I kept things simple as 1) I was trying to regroup from the holidays and 2) I became an impromptu sitter to 3 additional children on Tuesday morning when my neighbor went in to deliver her baby (she had a girl! And the girl has 6 older brothers, so this was a happy occasion for everyone!). Wow! Anyway, I kept things simple and went with a food theme because I had these pictures on my memory card and well, I’m always hungry. 🙂island-creek-oysters-are-awesome
1/2/18 – We ordered Island Creek Oysters for Christmas Eve. They were awesome, and I would order from them again! (Definitely a fun idea for a dinner party.) Also the shipment came with instruction cards – I wish I had kept them because the design was on point.
1/3/18 – I’ll admit I stole this phrase from a pair of shrimp socks I got from Target a few months ago.
1/4/18 – Inspired by the pages of Bon Appetit (a magazine that tends to use bold fonts and then outlines the headlines).
need another cup of coffee gif
1/5/18 – Created this morning when I realized it wasn’t a One Coffee type of day.

Thank you for reading – have a great weekend!

Over and out.

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