Colorful Portraits I’m Loving

As of today, I have photographed five models since the start of the year. And each time, I’ve come in without a game plan (“I just want to try capture lifestyle portraits“), which has its advantages. But I’m finding that it has more disadvantages. As my friend Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” So true. After each session, I go through my photographs finding ones I like but still having the feeling that something is missing: a plan. (Duh.) I’m vowing from here on out to have an agenda before each shoot so that I know where I’ll end up, more or less.  And admittedly, I want to follow a plan that allows me to shoot pictures that go a little bit beyond lifestyle. On that note, here are a few colorful inspirations that I’m very much digging as of late (I’m blaming Pinterest for all this sensory/inspiration overload):

colorful portrait inspiration from pinterest  Confetti girl

P.S. I’m starting to learn the value of Pinterest as a way of sharing ideas with models, which is something I should have done from the beginning so the model and I are on the same page. Funny enough, one model suggested it a few days after my friend Leyla did. (The model & Leyla are smart people.)

P.P.S. Hi Leyla!

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