Christmas Eve 2017

The Girl in front of the tree (which we took down on New Year’s Eve – was that too early?).

I can’t believe Christmas Eve was two weeks ago. Where does the time go? We had a nice holiday this year. My brother & SIL flew into O’Hare at around 5PM on Christmas Eve. The Kid and I went to pick them up. When I approached the airport I got a text from my brother saying they were still waiting for their luggage, so I decided to park in the hourly parking lot. I had no idea the lot was only $2/hour and that baggage claim is basically across the street from the garage.

Now I know!

I didn’t tell our visitors that I parked, so The Kid and I snuck up behind them. It was fun to see the recognition register on their faces when The Kid popped up in front of them. Once, they got their stuff, we headed home and all pitched in to get our dinner on the table.

The menu:
I secretly think I’m Italian, so I like attempting to do The Feast of Seven Fishes every Christmas Eve. We only hit five this year, but we have several more future Christmas Eves to hit our seven. 🙂

Random pictures of the night:

My brother is a motha shucker. (I'm not that much funnier in person.)
My brother is a motha shucker. Can’t hate on him too much this year though since he brought a bottle of Dom Perignon. I’m going to blame the excitement of having such class (ha!) in the house on the fact that I didn’t take too many pictures.



Part of the spread.


Ready to eat!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2017

  1. It was such a good meal 😛 😛 😛 Would repeat that any day! (We took down our tree and holiday lights a day after we got back from chicago trip)

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