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Christmas Day


Christmas started off pretty quietly this year. We opened presents and then had breakfast. I was on the slow side all season, so the waffles didn’t get made.

Even though I had waffles on the menu. Oops.

However, the rest of breakfast seemed to be fine for everyone. I was actually pretty surprised at the popularity of the fruit. (On a side note, I dropped off bagels, cream cheese and a bowl of fruit – melon and berries – over the weekend with my neighbor, who just had a baby. Her husband later sent a picture of the kids devouring the fruit. I guess us Midwesterners appreciate a bit of nature’s sugar in the dead of winter!) So yeah, don’t neglect the fruit!

Eggs work too. 🙂

Later that night, we threw an electric skillet on the dining room table and made a Vietnamese cook-it-yourself-beef-and-shrimp fest. It’s something that my family did frequently growing up, but we haven’t done it in many, many years. I forgot about it until I stumbled upon this YouTube video (from Helen’s Recipes). Setting this up was fun and pretty easy.

Vietnamese grilled shrimp on sugarcane (Chao Tom)

I don’t know what happened with my kids that night though because they were both TERRIBLE. Not on their A game. They cried throughout dinner, so my husband and I didn’t get to enjoy much of it. (He really didn’t get to enjoy it after he fell off a chair – an event I forgot about until Jessica reminded me of it last week. LOL.) But it’s something I’d like to pull off next time we have a dinner party as it’s a fun way to interact with your guests.

Later that night, The Kid threw up in bed. That explained why he was off at dinner. We had no explanation for The Girl as she was as healthy as can be. She just wanted to be heard, I guess. 😉 We spent the next day at home letting The Kid rest and get healthy as we had planned going downtown the following morning. Just to foreshadow: we made it downtown.


More on that later. 🙂

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