Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate lava Cake recipe by the New York Times

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I’m having another one of those draining weeks and picked up a cold from my husband….again. (I’m about to strangle him and his coworkers for these disease pass backs.) But this cold is minor this time – it’s just more of a nuisance than anything else.


Regardless, I’ve been cooking and baking quite a bit lately, which is 100% due to regaining access to kitchen appliances this month. (We’ll see how long I can keep this up for.) In any case, the baking thing surprises me since I never took to it before. I’ll cover it in another post, but cookies have definitely been my thing and everyone in the house is happy about it. I’ve also been buying baked goods as I see them, so yes, my sweet tooth is out of control lately and during this period I’ve come to the following conclusion: it isn’t dessert unless it has chocolate.

This occurred to me the other day after I polished off my 4th apple cider doughnut from a Saturday morning trip to Jonamac Apple Orchard. I seriously live for these seasonal goodies. But after awhile, I felt like something was missing. Chocolate. (Duh.) Would it be weird if they started making chocolate frosted apple cider doughnuts? Yeah, probably. My next (illogical) thought was to go to a bakery near the house to grab a chocolate lava cake. But then I didn’t want to make the trip in case they didn’t have it, so I wondered how hard it was to make.

Side note/commercial break: When we did our Caribbean cruise two years ago, I was very much addicted to the lava cake they served in one of the restaurants. I can’t find a picture of said cake (most likely because I had tunnel vision when the gooey chocolate deliciousness was in sight). As a consolation, I do have this short video from the entertainment at the restaurant:

The guy on the left makes me so happy.

[Commercial over.]

A quick Google search led to me to a New York Times recipe. And luckily, I had everything on hand.

Very easy to make. So good.

Chocolate lava Cake recipe by the New York Times
The recipe yields 4 cakes, but I’m pretty sure this will be all that’s left once they come out of the oven

You need to give this recipe a try.

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