Chicago portraits with Tatyana

Happy Sunday!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have not shot any portraits this week (aka this month!) unless you count the LO. (He’s in front of the camera daily but makes a horrible model – he’s more interested in attacking the lens and eating the camera strap – so I don’t really count him). Even Giada didn’t make it front of the camera….but oh well. It’s been a busy week, and I still have pictures to share of my lovely friend Tatyana from the last weekend in January.

Chicago portraits
“Don’t you prefer smiling pictures?” She was the second person to ask me this. Why yes, I do prefer smiling pictures. 🙂

We met up at the Map Room in Bucktown. The intent was to hang out for a bit and then head to The 606 – a place neither of us had visited yet. (I was surprised to hear that she hadn’t been, but then again, if you know Tat’s work, she tends to shoot up high above the city. The 606 might be a little too low to the ground for her, lol.) We spent an hour or so getting caffeinated – yes, the Map Room is a bar but I guess neither of us are able to drink before shooting, lol – before heading out.

Where is the The 606 exactly?” she asked. I shrugged and replied, “I don’t even know – somewhere around here. Let’s just wander. If we miss it, we’ll find it next time.

So we wandered around the neighborhood as it drizzled.

Chicago rain, photography Diana Nguyen

And found a few doors.

Tat_ventures Chicago, photography diana nguyen
Shoot the shooter

Chicago door, portrait Diana Nguyen

And a sign that we loved. [Since more than one person has asked, this is located on Damen near Churchill Park in Bucktown outside the @properties office.]

love art chicago bucktown

Tatyana spotted a dog and asked the owners if it was okay to take a picture. As she took the dog’s picture, I snuck this in…and I’m hoping it makes its way to the family. (I need to ask for email addresses from now on.)

love art sign bucktown

After we had our fill of love, we found ourselves at The 606.

Pay Attention art bucktown, the 606

Funny how that works out.

the 606, chicago portraits

We took a few fun, goofy shots here. Actually, she took a few stellar pictures that she hasn’t posted yet while I took a bunch of fun, goofy shots. 🙂

The 606
Goofy shot

And then, the rain came down a little harder, so we thought it was time to bid farewell.

Chicago rain

Farewell, T. ‘Til next time. 🙂

P.S. You can also see these pictures on my ISSUU page.

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