Chicago Portraits with Rachel

Have I ever mentioned that I love the West Loop?

Love it.

So when Rachel mentioned she lived near Fulton Market, I happily suggested shooting in her neighborhood. (My only issue is that parking never seems to be easy, and normally, I find myself pretty lucky when it comes to Chicago parking. It just seems like everybody is in the west loop I’m there. But after driving around for 15 minutes, I always seem to park at the same spot on Washington and Halsted. Now that I’ve told you that, please don’t take that spot when I’m there next time. Please?) We met in front of The Allis, and I was happy to see that she had on a white coat. It was a little chilly, but more importantly, I thought it brought a natural brightness to her face. (“My pale skin needs this coat,” she joked. For the record, I – personally – wouldn’t call her pale and admired her complexion.) We also happened to meet at 1:30 on super, duper bright day so I immediately looked for a place out of the sun, which brought us to across the street at Green Street Smoked Meat where there’s a cool alley with string lights.

chicago model portrait photography by diana nguyen

chicago model portrait photography by diana nguyen
She mentioned she was a vegetarian, so later, when I was editing pictures I changed the “Green Street Meat” sign to this…probably more appropriate. 😉 

From there, we walked aimlessly around looking for interesting backdrops. At one point, she pulled out her phone and came up with a list of possibilities from an ongoing list she has saved on her phone (I should do this. My mental list isn’t as reliable), including a store front area with colorful doors.

She mentioned she was a vegetarian, so later, when I was editing pictures I changed the "Green Street Meat" sign to this.

[This placed turned out to be a dog play/day care location.]

Chicago model photographed in West Loop by Diana NGuyen
A stop at Girl & The Goat


I was obsessed with this light
I was obsessed with this light

We ended the day with a stop at Glazed and Infused. “Can I put a stack of doughnuts on your head?” I asked.

“Sure!” she replied. I love working with great sports.

Of course, the shoot ended with two of the three doughnuts falling off her head. I tried salvaging them, but no luck. At least we got the picture(s).

doughnut photo shoot with Chicago model Rachel photographed by Diana Nguyen

After Rachel and I parted ways, I went back into the store to get doughnuts to bring home to the family. “Weren’t you just here?” the guy behind the counter asked. I explained what happened, placed in my order and pulled out my wallet. “Don’t worry about it,” he said. Awwwwwwww. I love this place.

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