Chicago portraits with Janna

Confession: I met Janna over the summer at an event and instantly thought, This girl is too cool for me. 

Chicago portrait by Diana Nguyen

But man, looks are awfully deceiving. I mean, she is too cool for me, but she’s very well…cool for not playing that card. 😉 As you can tell, she’s a head turner, but she’s absolutely just as beautiful inside as she is out. I had reached out to her in early January asking if she would help with this Portraits Project, and she seemed happy to help. When we met up, the vibe was relaxing and cool – I’m pretty sure it was the energy she was giving off (although it could have also been the caffeine and donuts from Glazed and Infused). It was easy to flow into a conversation with her and wandering through Fulton Market looking for places to shoot was such a great time.

Some fun facts about Janna:

  • Her named is pronounced Yah-nah
  • She’s a mom…and an artist. And a fellow suburbanite. (This made my Reluctant Suburbanite heart flutter.)
  • And if you can believe it, she isn’t comfortable in front of the camera. That’s what she told me anyway. I didn’t see evidence of this. 😉

Anyway, here are a few more pictures of the beautiful Janna:

Chicago portrait by Diana Nguyen

lost girl van

Chicago portrait by Diana Nguyen

Chicago portrait by Diana Nguyen

Chicago portrait by Diana Nguyen

Thank you Janna for a wonderful morning. I cannot wait to shoot with you again!

P.S. You can find a few more pictures of Janna on my ISSUU page.

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