Chicago portraits with Bella

Meet Bella.

Bella Crum photographed by Diana Nguyen

I don’t think I’m supposed to have favorites, so I’ll say this: she’s been my favorite model I’ve worked with in February*.  We met on a 17 degree Chicago day. “My shoots downtown in the past month have been beautiful and scenic, but painfully cold,” she wrote in an email before we met. Since I try to stay within the good graces of the talent, I randomly suggested the Lincoln Park Conservatory – a place I’ve walked passed a million times but never actually been inside of. (Spoiler alert: if you haven’t been, you should go, especially you need a warm place to step into during the Chicago winter). When I arrived, I was relieved to find that it was warm inside. My maternal side was really glad this was the case when I met Bella and saw that she was dressed for warmer temperatures. 

Bella Crum photographed by Diana Nguyen, Lincoln Park Conservatory

I’m 5’4″. Pretty average. So I took note when she towered over me in her heels. (She claims she’s 5’8″. My Napeoleon Complex thinks she’s 6’10”.) Second thing I noticed about her: her personality. She was friendly, eager and had a smile the whole day (many of my pictures are of her smiling despite what I’m sharing here**).

Bella Crum photographed by Diana Nguyen

Bella Crum photographed by Diana Nguyen, Lincoln Park Conservatory

Bella Crum photographed by Diana Nguyen, Lincoln Park Conservatory, justcloningaround

I really liked that she was easy to work with and rolled with the punches. She was willing to try anything and was a total goof ball. If you work with her, you might call her a favorite too….I mean, if you had favorites. I am looking forward to working with her again. 🙂

Bella Crum photographed by Diana Nguyen

I haven’t had time to pull together a lookbook, but I did create a quick Stellar story from our photo shoot (which Stellar was nice enough to feature! Seriously, thanks Stellar!!!).

*At the moment, I’ve only worked with one model in February. 😉
**I’m really trying to fight the whole serious-facial-expressions-only shots, but I find myself playing by the rules with this one. Give me time. I swear I like happy, light-hearted and fun pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Chicago portraits with Bella

  1. Beautiful model and beautiful portraits!! Love the lighting! So glad you posted the first one on IG because that is my favorite picture of this session!

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