Chicago Marathon 2017

Chicago Marathon 2017

Man, 2017 provided a beautiful day for the Chicago Marathon. It started off on the cooler side…I admit that if I were running, I probably wouldn’t have been comfortable as the temps warmed up after 10AM (I think it was officially somewhere in the upper 70s but it felt a little like it was in the 80s). But as a spectator, it was fun to stand, cheer, talk to my friend’s husband as we waited for our Marathoner at the 11.5 mile mark, watch The Kid chase his friends and then, abandon Adult Conversation to stop The Kid from running onto the course. (“Wow, he is full of energy,” the friend remarked. Ha ha ha, very much an understatement.)

Chicago Marathon 2017
He totally missed the superheroes run past him.

Chicago Marathon 2017
The energy was awesome, as it always is.

Chicago Marathon 2017
I love that this guy was taking a selfie or vlogging, mostly because I know I would have been dying at this point if I were in his place. (So much admiration here!)

Such a fun morning, and I hope I have a reason (to cheer someone on*) to return next year!

Chicago Marathon 2017

Random notes about this year’s marathon:

  • There’s a Chicago Marathon app that let’s you track runners in real time. It tells you where they are and where you are in relation to them. I thought that was so great! Such a good app.
  • I arrived in the area around 10AM (so I totally missed the ultra-marathoners. Oh, and congrats to Galen Rupp!). The Husband wasn’t too confident that I would find a decent spot, but I actually did find street parking when I arrived (on Franklin and Huron. Funny enough, there was nothing but street parking on Huron. Yay).
  • I’ve been a spectator to a handful of Chicago Marathons in the past, and I’m sad to say that I noticed the amped up security this year. I won’t lie: I was very relieved to see them and glad they were there to keep the runners and crowds safe. Much props to the men and women of the CPD that kept an eye out for all of us this weekend.

*Because there is no way I’ll be running.

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