Chicago Gourmet 2018

Chicago Gourmet The Palm by Whispering Angel

Chicago Gourmet 2018

On Sundays, I try to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s my day to regroup from the week and to get ready for the upcoming week. Truth be told, I don’t ever get to do “nothing” (ahem, kids) but we do try to take it slow around here. Sometime mid-week, however, my friend Leyla, sent me a text. “I have tickets to Chicago Gourmet for Sunday.” I’m not even sure if she technically invited me, but I was so in.

On Sunday, I headed over to her place to meet her (and her 10-week old twins!!!!) before trekking to Millennium Park. I don’t have pictures of them because I kinda was obsessed with holding them (actually, one of them. The other one – the one she called “The Party Animal” – fell asleep when I got there. Ha!). After soaking in some baby time, we headed out to the festival.

I brought Daphne (she travels well) but didn’t end up putting her to good use as I spent most of the afternoon with Instagram Story. (I’m not sure if that was the right decision because I felt like I was just taking pictures just to take pictures to share instead of being more mindful about the shot. This is totally something I could babble about for awhile…)

Chicago Gourmet Instagram Stories
A few of images from my Instagram Story

…and here are a few images from my camera –

Chicago Gourmet Chandon

Chicago Gourmet The Palm by Whispering Angel


Chicago Gourmet
I wish I had taken more food pictures!

Wow – I took a lot of booze pictures. 😉

My overall thoughts on Chicago Gourmet –

  • The food lines get long. The best strategy is to stand in line for one and eat it while you’re waiting in the next line.
  • This is probably a great place to get hammered as there were TONS of wine and liquor booths…without lines. (This surprised me quite a bit.) Pace yourself.
  • I didn’t have a run in with Adam Rapoport. I’m a little sad about this. 😉

So I didn’t get to relax on Sunday, but I definitely got a surge of energy from being out with a good friend and surrounded by the vibe of the city (I have a love affair with Chicago) and people.

The booze totally helped. 😉

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