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Boxed in


I hate the amount of Amazon boxes that pile up at our front door every week. I don’t hate the contents in the boxes (that’s crazy talk). I just hate that the boxes pile up waiting to be broken down before heading into the recycling bin. (If we don’t break them down, then we’d never be able to fit them in with the weekly pick up.) But I never get tired of The Kid grabbing the bigger boxes and hanging out in them. And what is it with kids playing with non-toys? Why do we buy them toys when they’re perfectly content with thing like boxes, keys and water bottles?

And balloons. They love balloons. (He was staring at his birthday balloon that floated to the ceiling.)




It almost makes me feel bad that I have to eventually take the box away. I mean, it can’t stay in the living room forever…

"Just one more minute in the box, please."
“Just one more minute in the box, please.”

Or maybe it can?

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