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For a Caribbean cruise, a few years back (pre-children) I bought a waterproof point-and-shoot camera thinking it’d be cool to take pictures under water.

under water photo
See? This is cool, right?

I used it a few other times, including the time my SIL came into town:

My SIL is always up for whatever nonsense I cook up
She’s always up for whatever nonsense I cook up

Long story short, The Kid had an interest in take pictures (I have no idea how or why this came about – ha), so I let him use the camera and he pretty much enjoyed himself.

kid with camera
Here he is with the camera.

The Girl was also a big fan of this camera and made many efforts to swipe it away from her brother. (I don’t have any pictures of her using the camera.) I think the interest in the camera was pretty high that we all know what happened next – the camera broke. I don’t know which kid did it, but the camera is legit broken. It’s a big time bummer, but hey, it happens. Kids break things. Which kinda scares me as The Girl now has a vested interest in Daphne.

This is me with Daphne (yes, I named her).
This is me with Daphne (yes, I named her).

….and er, here is The Girl with Daphne:

The Hubs freaks out whenever he sees her around poor helpless Daphne. But man, The Girl looks so cute when she (is trying to) shoot away. (I know I’ll be eating my words when Daphne’s fate ends with her.)

"I'm so good with Mama's camera!"
“I’m so good with Mama’s camera!”

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