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Apple Holler (Sturtevant, Wisconsin)

The correct thing to do if you’re from Chicago and heading north into Wisconsin is to stop at Mar’s Cheese Castle. I think most people have intentions of picking up cheese curds, but there is also craft beer, pastry items and dried meats. Oh, and you can stop there for lunch as there’s a concession-like stand and a tavern. We did the concession-like stand.

Mars Cheese Castle
Here are the kids waiting for their food

Afterwards, we went on our merry way thinking we’d go straight to The Osthoff to meet our friends. But I kept seeing signs for Apple Holler and curiosity killed the cat….

Apple Holler sign

So yeah, we made a little detour to see what the Apple Holler was all about. Honestly, I thought it was going to be an apple stand, and we’d just drive past it.

When we got out of the car, this was the first sign I saw. Naturally, I made the kids take a picture in front of it:

Apple Holler

I didn’t realize that this was an apple orchard, and when I did realize it, I was pretty much into this place. There was a shop selling food (hello, cider donuts) and like other orchards, there was a corn maze…

Apple Holler
…which we got lost in

There was also a pretty big slide that the kids really loved going down:

apple holler wisconsin

The best part of the Apple Holler though are THE GOATS!

goats at apple holler


goats at apple holler


goat at apple holler



Since it was July, we were one of the few people there so we each had our time and space to feed the goats with the food that the people on site gave us. The Girl was very much not into the goats (she’s pretty much afraid of animals that aren’t Giada) and The Kid had to be eased into it (“The goats lick me!!!”).

feeding goat at Apple Holler

And then there were baby goats!

baby goats at apple holler


baby goats at apple holler

[I can pretty much tell you that if it pops up on the menu, I won’t ever be ordering goat again. These guys – or kids I should say – were too cute.]

The Hubs and I were pretty happy about this accidental find. We’re hoping to come back again this fall (because you know, apple donuts…).

Vroom vroom!
“We’ll be back! Vroom vroom!”

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