A Photo Shoot in the Suburbs (Finally)

I love Chicago, and as a photographer, I don’t think there is a better backdrop. Sometimes, however, it is nice when I find a fellow suburbanite who is willing to collaborate and saves me a trip into the city.


Last weekend I got to work with Paige in Arlington Heights. [We both live in the northwest suburbs and thought AH would be a good meeting place.] We had been emailing and texting a bit before we met. I didn’t really get a sense of her personality (there’s only so much you can get with a “When/where should we meet?” text correspondence), but when we met, I was relieved. I really, really like Paige and her easy going nature.

Arlington Heights Metra train station

We started off at the Metra train station where I think I had her walk up and down the platform about 100 times. She was so down with it (i.e. she was super cooperative and a great sport). Thank you, Paige!

At the Metra train station photographed by Diana Nguyen
My favorite picture from the shoot

Playing with hair shots

I got super excited about this red wall and picnic table. Okay, I also got overly excited for the “No Trespassing” sign and the thought of someone yelling out “Get off my property!!!”  It didn’t happen, (un?)fortunately. But it was fun to get Paige to flip her hair over and over again. (See? Great sport.)

Also, can I just say that I love her jacket? The last model I worked with had a similar jacket that came from Nordstrom Rack. I forgot where Paige got hers from, but yes, I think I’m in the market for a new long jacket.

black and white picture of Paige photographed by Diana Nguyen

Anyway, after years of being “geographically undesirable” it’s nice to find someone in the same boat. You’ll definitely be seeing more of Paige here as we have a bit of text relationship these days (“Where do you want to shoot next?????”). I like that I’m at the point where I am planning follow up shoots with the models. Since the first test shoot is a “getting to know you” it gives us both the chance to see what will work (better) the next time around. And with Paige, my brain is on overdrive with possibilities. I cannot wait to see what we come up with next.

By the way, where are all you suburban models? Get in touch!

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