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A Chicago Wedding [Photo Book]

A Chicago wedding photo book, anniversary present
Starting their story together

Don and Jacky are such wonderful friends to my family. I am especially amazed with how thoughtful and selfless Jacky is. She consistently remembers birthdays and anniversaries and makes it a point to come over on those days (“I’ll only stop by for a few minutes”) to drop off a gift. We live about 45 minutes from each other, so this is especially touching. Back in May, I texted Don asking if he could send me a few photos from their wedding back in 2009 so that I could put something together for her birthday. “Sure, she’ll love it,” he replied. “Great! By the way, when’s her birthday?” I texted back (of course, I’m not as good as a friend as Jacky so I didn’t know the answer to this question). “Next week.”

Well, that was a bummer.

Fortunately, with their anniversary in November it would give me more time to work on the photo book (and be able to gift it on a more appropriate occasion!). I swore Don to secrecy and waited for him to send me pictures.

I didn’t expect a package with a stack of CDs to arrive.

CDs with wedding photos on them

OMG. I had a hunch these were all their wedding pictures…with no other copies in their possession. Their photographer probably had a backups, but I was pretty nervous about holding these files. (Too much pressure, Don!!!) I might have imagined them perishing in a house fire – aka thinking of the worst case scenario. [Note: when you have the original – and only – copies of your wedding pictures, make sure you create a back up before sending them off to anyone. I uploaded all the photos to Amazon Cloud Drive just in case that fire happened. So Don and Jacky – if you’re reading this – I got you guys covered with any potential future fires! LOL.]

I had a ball going through their pictures because there’s nothing better than a Chicago* wedding images of two beautiful, happy people in love. Especially when they’re your friends.

Bride and groom wedding photo book

Chicago wedding photo book pages

Chicago wedding photo book


I gave the finished product to Jacky this past weekend. She loved it and was amused that I had the CDs. (“I didn’t even realize they were gone!”)

Don, on the other hand, had forgotten about the project. (“It was six months ago!”) Ha ha.

This is one of two wedding books I’ve done, and I’m hoping the next ones will be just as much fun to put together!

*This local acknowledges that she is biased.

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2 thoughts on “A Chicago Wedding [Photo Book]

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this for us Diana!! I was totally & completely surprised by it!! (& you’re right, Don probably did forget!) 😛 The fact that you took the time to sift through all those pictures & find the right ones is so appreciated!! The photo book came out beautiful & we love it!! ♥

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