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parents eating cookies

Why 7 photos? I’m not sure. It just seems like a nice number, especially since I haven’t posted in the last week. So I figured I’d share 7 random photos from life lately. So let’s start up with the top image of The Hubs and I adulting (aka eating cookies while the kids were napping) over the weekend. It was lovely.

I am about 2 weeks late, but this is the official Halloween family photo from this year:

Ghostbusters family Halloween 2018

My mom is in town from Vietnam. Not much to say there except she keeps everyone on her toes.

This trip is no exception. đŸ˜‰

Giada is massively shedding.
dog is shedding
There is pretty much hair everywhere in every corner of the house lately.

It snowed last Friday. Giada and I took to the streets (i.e. we took our normal weekday morning walk before getting the day started).

Giada the saint bernard in snow
She’s totally in her element

She doesn’t seem to smile in pictures anymore. Not sure what’s up with that.

The Girl is into her markers.

And that’s 7 (you are pretty much caught up on everything that is going on with me these days!).

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