• Food
  • Gone Goldfishin’


    Still playing with my – or rather my son’s – food over here.     With the following picture, I wanted to try to get a picture of a Goldfish sushi roll. But one problem: I don’t actually know how to roll a maki roll and didn’t have any sushi rice made to make the […]

  • Chicago
  • Four Random Things from the Weekend

    tulips from the Lincoln Park Conservatory

    I don’t have a real post today because I didn’t see much of a cohesiveness in anything I’ve been doing lately. So I thought maybe I’d just share four random things that I encountered since the last post. Ready? (Yeah, I know you’re just so excited.) 1) I cannot figure out how to get The […]

  • photography
  • In Your Face [Flash Friday]


    Like that top picture? The Kid got excited to see the flash go off that he pulled the camera out of my hands and snapped away. The sunglasses, if you’re wondering, were already on because I was trying to entice him into wearing them. Didn’t work. Or did it? Anyway, Happy Flash Friday! I’ve been […]

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  • Hi Bon AppĂ©tit, I love you


    So I have to make a few confessions. After hearing all the hype and controversy surrounding it, my curiosity got the best of me and I started listening to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast. I’m on episode 3. It’s addicting. This has nothing to do with anything, but I feel better about sharing this tidbit. […]

  • Print your pictures!
  • Send A Thank You Picture


    We had friends over last weekend who wanted to catch up and play with the kids. (We started to accept that people would rather see the kids than us.) One of the friends is my husband’s friend of 1000000 years, so naturally my husband knows his friend’s parents pretty well. And this friend’s parents sent […]

  • Family Life
  • My Two Year is a Bartender


    This is The Kid playing with his baby sister’s bottles. I chuckled to myself thinking, Awwww….the little girl has her very own bartender. Naturally, I couldn’t snap just one picture*, so here are more images of him playing bartender/milk-tender/bottle-tender/whatever (I never did come up with a good name):     This picture was featured in […]