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  • Birthday Cookies

    birthday gift, cookie jar

    My coworkers are always so nice about leaving me cards and little gifts for my birthday while I’m….not so good about doing that. I am trying to change that and was just about to do the standard soy-candle-and-card route for two coworkers with October birthdays when I came upon a couple of jars at Target […]

  • Life
  • The Drive Home

    rainy drive home

    My shoes were wet from stepping into a puddle right before getting into the car. (Boo…) Traffic wasn’t great, and I hit every red light. But the mood….ah, I loved it. Full version of this picture can be viewed on Flickr.

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  • Saturday

    Giada the Saint Bernard

    Giada usually gets a one-mile walk during the weekday, and then we “rest” on the weekends although sometimes we do take a stroll around the neighborhood if the mood calls for it. (I don’t think she likes this serendipitous approach.) Since things were a little crazy the last two days, she missed her walk two […]

  • Chicago
  • Photographers with their cameras


    I last saw my friend Nycole back in May. “Let’s do something soon!” I said. Fast forward to October, and we finally nailed down a date to get together with a few other Instagram friends. Yay! This past Sunday, there were five of us who met at Hubbard Inn for brunch. I didn’t take any food pictures (not […]

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  • My Brother’s Birthday

    Giada with birthday cupcake

    My brother was in over the weekend to hang out with his friends and (I think) us. On Sunday, we woke up and took an impromptu trip to the nearby farmers’ market. “Do they have oysters?” he asked excitedly. I had to remind him that I lived in the suburbs and we don’t have anything […]

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  • Chocolate Lava Cake

    Chocolate lava Cake recipe by the New York Times

    Hi there, I’m having another one of those draining weeks and picked up a cold from my husband….again. (I’m about to strangle him and his coworkers for these disease pass backs.) But this cold is minor this time – it’s just more of a nuisance than anything else. Ugh. Regardless, I’ve been cooking and baking […]