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  • My Two Year is a Bartender


    This is The Kid playing with his baby sister’s bottles. I chuckled to myself thinking, Awwww….the little girl has her very own bartender. Naturally, I couldn’t snap just one picture*, so here are more images of him playing bartender/milk-tender/bottle-tender/whatever (I never did come up with a good name):     This picture was featured in […]

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  • The Doctor’s Office


    What’s up with the long wait when you’re at the pediatrician? We’re always about 10-15 minutes early for our checkup time and probably only clock in a total of 15 minutes of face time with both the nurse and doctor….yet it ends up being a 90 minute ordeal. I thought it was just our doctor […]

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  • RIP Macky’s Shrimp Truck


    “Bad news!” the text read. This particular text came from Jessica, so I was a little alarmed. “There is no more Macky’s,” was the follow-up text. Ok, I’ll admit that I was pretty relieved that the bad news wasn’t anything serious, but at the same time, I was pretty bummed that the greatest shrimp truck […]

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  • Faceless Photos

    030317-shewants out-1

    Hi hi! Happy Saturday! I missed blogging this week as we are all pretty worn out around here. We had a couple of weeks where The Little One was sleeping through the night. YAY! But then a switch must have gone off in her little head this week because she suddenly wants to wake up […]

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  • Feeling Like My Selfie

    selfie on a timer

    Not sure what was going on this week except that I took a few more pictures of myself than usual. No good rhyme or reason for it, but hey, why not? That’s all I got. (And probably much more than one post needs to hold/share with you. Ha!) Hope everyone has a great weekend. 🙂

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  • The Kids [video]


    Happy March! So I’ve been doing a little bit of video stuff lately, and naturally, that trickled into my Mom Life. In January, I found myself with a lot of footage of the kids. Just like how I’m worried that if I don’t create photo books I’ll never see the pictures again, I started to […]

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  • Park Day

    warm day at the park

    Earlier in the week, the temperatures hit the upper 60s here in Chicago….in February. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the weather we’ve been having lately. But while it’s confusing, I’m still all about making the best out of the situation. I mean, we could do worse than warm temperatures in February, right? […]