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  • On my nightstand. And Happy Saturday!

    Books by Hugh MacLeod and Austin Kleon

    Happy Saturday, indeed! This is the first time in a few weeks that I’ve had a Saturday morning to myself (my husband went to run a few errands and was nice enough to take The Kid with him), so I thought I’d sneak in a post. It’s been busy around here lately (general life stuff […]

  • photo book
  • London’s Portobello Market

    London's portobello market

    Confession: Before going, I had never heard of the Portobello Market in London. But I have to say that it is HANDS DOWN the best street market I’ve ever been to. Essentially, Portobello Road has a stretch of stores in Notting Hill, and on Saturdays, there are vendors that pop out on Saturdays to sell different things […]

  • Food
  • Summer Coq Au Vin

    Summer Coq Au Vin from London Real Food Market

    While working on the London photo book – a trip that took place three years ago – it was inevitable that I came across pictures that I didn’t remember taking. Naturally, this happened more than once and made me yell out, “Ohmigosh, how did you forget taking this picture, yo????” (I have a little Jesse […]

  • Giada
  • Stopping to smell the roses

    Saint Bernard dog smelling the roses

    My background: I was born in the city, spent my childhood in the suburbs, stayed in the suburbs for awhile after college, moved to the city for a few years (and loved it…I still consider it one of the best times of my life) and then came back to the suburbs in 2008. Not the […]