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  • Boxed in


    I hate the amount of Amazon boxes that pile up at our front door every week. I don’t hate the contents in the boxes (that’s crazy talk). I just hate that the boxes pile up waiting to be broken down before heading into the recycling bin. (If we don’t break them down, then we’d never […]

  • Chicago
  • Snow, where are you???

    girl walking dog in winter

    So it’s currently mid-February and 60 degrees. Yes, in February.  I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this little fact. Seriously, where is the snow this year? From what I’ve heard, it’s been more than 60 days since the snow visited Chicago, and while some people are thrilled about it, I think the photographers are […]

  • Life
  • LEGO Train Exhibit


    Over the weekend, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library had a LEGO train exhibit. I didn’t think much of it beforehand as I was at the library earlier in the week with my neighbor and her kids. She pointed out the sign promoting the event. Naw, I thought, That’s for LEGO connoisseurs. Then Saturday rolled around. […]

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  • Project 365: Week 6


    Won’t lie – it’s been an exhausting week. It started Monday night when The Kid puked on the living room floor. Huh, what gives? I thought. As soon as he did it, he was fine. The next night, it was my turn (I made it to the bathroom though). “Are you pregnant?” my husband joked. […]

  • Food
  • The Choo Choo Diner

    "I love trains!!!"

    For The Kid’s birthday, we decided to celebrate a few days early and take him to The Choo Choo Diner.     We weren’t exactly sure what this place was all about except that there are trains here, and he’s at that age where he is digging them. (Ever heard of Bob? Bob’s his favorite.) […]

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  • Project 365: Week 5


    Hi there & Happy Friday! So I didn’t catch any great shots at the beginning of the week. Things started clicking mid-week, and you’d think that – by looking at these pictures – that things are lovely and serene at home, but I promise that The Kid is very active and keeps me on my […]

  • Giada
  • Short & Stout


    The Kid has recently developed an obsession with my tea pots. (Is the teapot song in your head? Totally in mine, so please accept my apology for the title of this blog post.) Every day he runs into the cabinet that the teapots are in and pulls one out. Although they’re pretty durable, they’re still […]

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  • Project 365: Week 3

    Lightbulb moment

    [My lightblub moment earlier in the week.] Hi there! Happy Friday! So I’ve been trying to blog once a week for awhile now and have been wanting to try to do it twice a week. Seth Godin suggests doing it everyday, but er, one thing at a time. For now, let’s shoot for twice a […]